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Selling your Tenant Occupied Property

This is a topic that comes up quite often in conversations with our clients in San Diego. The main questions is if it is advisable to sell their home or condo when there is a tenant occupying the unit. There is typically confusion as what the law allows for when it comes to selling a [...]

Downtown San Diego Condo Prices per Square Foot 2012 vs. 2013

After a 9.39% increase year to year from 2011 to 2012, the average price per square foot for downtown San Diego condos in 2013 continued to climb in 2013 with a 17% increase from 2012. The average price per square foot for a downtown San Diego condo in 2013 was $468 up from $400 in [...]

Downtown San Diego Condo Prices per Square Foot 2011 vs. 2012

There are downtown San Diego condominiums to cater to the needs and taste of virtually everyone. You can find a large selection of types and styles of properties across six very different downtown San Diego districts. Dining on the great restaurants in Little Italy, enjoying a night out in Gaslamp or catching a game at [...]

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